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Selected stories by Sharon Hurley Hall hosted on Medium

Selected stories by Sharon Hurley Hall hosted on ILLUMINATION
Selected stories by Sharon Hurley Hall hosted on ILLUMINATION
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One of the things I most loved about ILLUMINATION was the many ways Dr Mehmet Yildiz finds to give our stories more visibility. So I took part in the curation challenge, detailed in the article below:

Here are my curated stories on Medium:

Why I Don’t Need to be a Know-It-All Writer

Distributed to #Freelancing

Sometimes it pays to turn writing work down. Here’s how I learned that lesson the hard way.

Are You and Your Writing Clients Speaking the Same Language?

Distributed to #Freelancing and #Writing

Ever felt that you and your writing client weren’t on the same page? I reckon it happens every freelancer at some point. In this article I explore three possible causes of clashes with clients

How I Fell Out of Love With Writing

Distributed to #Writing

And what it took to find my writing mojo again

We Will Not Be Silenced

Distributed to #Society

Exploring the suppression of Black voices on social media

Amplification in Action

Distributed to #Race, #Social Media and #Equality

Was my content suppressed by Facebook? The day I became a hashtag

5 Tips on Helping Clients to Value Your Writing Services

Distributed to #Freelancing and #Writing

Tested strategies from a professional B2B and B2C writer

4 Ways to Change the Conversation on Writing

Distributed to #Freelancing and #Writing

How freelancers can position themselves to charge what their writing is worth

Writers, Who Decides Your Worth? Only You!

Distributed to #Writing

Don’t let others’ rejection or ignorance change how you value yourself and your writing

Surprise, I’m Qualified! Working While Black

Distributed to #Race #Work #Equality

For Black people, one of the unwelcome realities of living as a minoritized person is that some white people lower their expectations about your education, capability and achievements. In this article, I share some true stories of when that happened to me.

Race and the Freelance Writer Revisited (Working While Black)

Distributed to #Freelancing #Writing #Race #Work #Equality

Even when you’re not working in an office, racism can play a part in your daily life. This article shares true stories of discrimination I experienced as a freelance writer in different countries.

The Loneliness of the Sole Black Employee (Working While Black)

Distributed to #Race #Work

It’s never easy being the only Black person in a workplace. The work day can be filled with microaggressions and outright racism. I share the loneliness of being the only brown face in a sea of whiteness, and how that affects your experience of office life.

Business Travel While Black: Why I’m Not a Rule Breaker

Distributed to #Travel #Race #Equality

As a Black woman traveling on business, I can’t afford to break the rules. That’s because the consequences for me are more severe than for my white colleagues. In this article, I discuss the need to stay on the straight and narrow at all times if you’re working while Black.

BlackLivesMatter and the Barbadian Context

Distributed to #Race #World #Equality

Many of the biases against Black or dark-skinned people that exist in white-majority countries also permeate Caribbean culture because of our colonial past. In this article, I share some of that history and explain why Black Lives Matter is so important to BIPOC around the world.

Showing Up With Our Whole Selves

Distributed to #Race #Work #Equality

As Black people, we’d rather be fully ourselves when we’re at work or out in the street, but that’s not an option for most of us. In this article, I explain why Black people feel the need to hide because of stereotypes and racism.

Let’s Discard the Notion

Distributed to #Race

This action is a call to rethink core concepts around race, racism, white privilege and more. It highlights some key notions many people get wrong, and suggests other ways to think of these concepts.

Hair So Problematic (Working While Black)

Distributed to #Race #Women

Who knew that your hair could be a problem? Well, Black women — and some Black men did. This article outlines some of the issues around hair BIPOC face in the workplaces and beyond.

Paper Cuts Still Make You Bleed (While Black series)

Distributed to #Race

Someone else has called racial microaggressions “death by a thousand paper cuts”, but here’s the thing: paper cuts hurt as much as any other kind of cut, and paper cuts still make you bleed.

I Can’t Ignore Racism; Can You?

Distributed to #Race and #Equality

As a Black person, I don’t have the privilege of ignoring racism and going back to business as usual. In this essay, I explore other privileges I don’t have, and urge white anti-racists to do better.

Are We Being Served? Eating Out While Black

Distributed to #Race and #Equality

It’s not always easy to get good service as a Black woman. Sometimes — often — racism rears its head. Some true stories of eating out while Black.

Beyond Sticker Shock

Distributed to #Freelancing

Why it’s important for freelance writers to value the writing they do for clients, and how to ensure they charge appropriate rates for their work.

Blogging in the “Olden Days”

Distributed to #Writing

A reflection on what blogging was like before social media, content marketing, and all the rules you now have to follow.

Sharon Hurley Hall is a professional B2B writer and blogger, and co-host of The Introvert Sisters podcast.

NB. This article was published on Medium by Sharon Hurley Hall. If you are reading it on another site, it is probably stolen.

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Pro writer (B2B/B2C). Antiracism writer. Co-host: Introvert Sisters podcast. Global citizen. She/her. Sharon’s Anti-Racism NL:

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