Response to All Black is Beautiful, But All Black Isn’t the Same by Marley K.

I’d been thinking of writing about this, but I think you’ve pretty much covered it, Marley K. I think people will find your exploration of the multiple “Black” identities instructive.

So much of this hit home. I identify as Black — there’s no choice, even if I wanted one.🙂 My biracial daughter identifies as Black in the US because that’s how the white world sees her.

My personal perspective is that the shared history of enslavement gives us something in common, but I also recognize that that same history had resulted in rifts. Much to think about here. Thank you.

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Pro writer (B2B/B2C). Antiracism writer. Co-host: Introvert Sisters podcast. Global citizen. She/her. Sharon’s Anti-Racism NL:

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