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Today I’m going to take a leaf out of Dr Mehmet Yildiz’s book. He’s constantly creating collections of ILLUMINATION articles to make them easier to find.

Now, I’m doing the same for my articles on racism. I figure, if I wrote them and I’m having trouble finding all of them, then what is it like for you? I plan to update this article as I publish new pieces on this theme.

Most of my recent work is grouped under the banner of “While Black” — true stories of and reflections on the Black existence. Within that, there are two major sub-themes.

As the name suggests, these articles focus on my experiences as a Black woman in the workplace, mostly in the UK, but in other places, too. They cover how it feels to be the Black person in the workplace, microaggressions, implicit bias, and much more. You can catch up with all the articles below:

These essays and reflections are about other aspects of the Black experience beyond the workplace. You’ll find more general reflections on racism in this collection:

When I looked back, it turned out I’d been writing about racism for longer than I thought, and this collection includes articles on different publications, including a few on my own neglected publication, Being Sharon.

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